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2015 Fall League Play- Read Page Weekly...Updates HERE

2015 MMFL Fall State Brackets

The 2015 MMFL Fall State Brackets will be updated as tournament directors email/text scores into the State Office.

If you don't see your team photo and you were a medal winner at State please forward it on to me at I will post it for you.

Make sure to let me know Age, State tier and finish.

Thank you

2015 Fall Ball State Tournament Locations **Selected sites

10U 12U 14U 16U 18U
1 Baldwin Becker Chanhassen St. Peter North St. Paul
2 Chanhassen Cottage Grove Eagan St. Cloud Lakeville
3 Eden Priarie Forest Lake Farmington Eden Priarie
4 Farmington Hastings Lexington Minnetonka
5 Inver Grove Heights Hudson Soderville
6 Lakeville Mankato Mounds View
7 Lexington Minnetonka Elk River
8 Rosemount Mounds View White Bear Lake
9 Soderville North St. Paul
10 St. Cloud Elk River
11 White Bear Lake Spring Lake Park
12 Mound


In a perfect world we have enough teams to match perfectly all the available fields we have each week in each regions.  We don't.  There may be some extra driving OR you may have a 12:00 and 3:00pm game times.  It's fall ball.

 Please email ALL editing access request for 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U to tom at

Please do NOT email request to both Dan and Tom, we get enough emails.

Make sure to include in your e-mail:  (This is important with over 510  teams participating)
Team Name
Age level coaching
Region playing

Please READ Bottom of Page for editing issues/solution.

Please Read this Page for Weekly Updates on Timelines.

Date Event
August 3rd, 2015 League Kick off Meeting held at the Hopkins VFW at 7:00pm
August 5-10 Team Pages will be built and assigned editing rights
August 14th (Friday) Week 1 schedules will be posted
August 23rd Week 1 league play
August 24th Week 1 Scores reported by NOON.
August 26th (Wednesday) Week 2 League Schedules will be posted
August 30th Week 2 league play
August 31st Week 2 Scores reported by NOON.
September 9th (Wednesday) Week 3 League Schedules will be posted
September 13h Week 3 league play
September 14th Week 3 Scores reported by NOON.
September 16th Week 4 10U and 12U Schedules will be posted (remember 10U and 12U plays on Saturday)
September 17th 14U - 18U Schedules will be posted by 5:00pm
September 19/20 Week 4 (qualifier week) 10U and 12U play 9/19 and 14U-18U play on 9/20 **Most common question** Yes, ALL Teams Play in Qualifier and STATE for FALL Ball
September 17th Final Rosters Due- See direction at the top of this page. For Fall Ball we are simplifying the roster process
September 20th Please have your scores posted by Sunday night. If your team is NOT planning on attending state please notify Tom Bye ASAP, Thank you.
September 26/27 State Tournament weekend. 10U and 12U play on Saturday 9/26 and 14U-18U play Sunday 9/27. $100.00 gate fee made payable to host site.

Quick links from the coaches corner page. Minimum 4 steps you need to complete for FALL.

ALL team page directions found in the Coaches Corner Tab.

>**Step 1 Enter Coaches and Team Managers Contact Information**

If there are last minute changes to the schedule we need this information to contact you.

> Step 2: Adding Games (must be done by coaches for FALL BALL)

If you don't see your games you must do this first before you enter scores.

> Step 3: Adding Scores

**For fall ball I did not activate stats option.

>Step 4: Adding team logo

You can also edit your team name and team colors here.

Sponsored by Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Visit Website

Be sure to check for the latest information

All information regarding your team pages, entering scores, adding games and Stats.

ALL Week 3 schedules are now posted

Please double check your schedules through the end of Friday. During Fall Ball there will always be some drop outs, duplications and a possible omission.  We can't contact each coach with every change. 


Thank you

2015 Fall Ball update.......This Message will change weekly. Check back often

 Please make sure your team is listed.    

Coaches are responsible for entering their contact information.

*** Coaches:  Please double check your schedules through Friday evening:  This year we have 510 teams playing fall ball and occasionally a team is double scheduled, omitted or can't play and adjustments to schedules must be made.  Check for your team number in other regions too.  On any given weekend we will use over 30 locations and for competition purposes or if we have an odd number of teams at a level we will move to another region.  ***It is your responsibility to check.***  If changes happen on Saturday we will make every attempt to contact you with changes as long as you update your team pages with your contact information.

COACHES, please enter your contact information on your team page.  This is the only way for other teams to communicate with you.  It will only take 1 minute to update.

  • If you are not able to get into edit mode it means you did not follow the steps located at the bottom of this page.
  • Home team is determined by the flip of a coin.
  • ALL the directions for updating your team pages are found on the coaches corner page located on left side of page and in the quick links I added at top of this page.
  • For FALL ball coaches are responsible for entering their own games and entering their own scores (preferably by Sunday night) 
  • Teams supply 1 new 1 used ball weeks 1-4.  The MMFL will provide game balls for State.
  • Directions Fall Rosters are found at bottom of this page. We are using the NGIN Roster system on your team page. Only needed for Fall State.
  • Week 4 game times are 12 and 1:30 or 3:00 and 4:30.  10's and 12's play on Saturday 9/19/2015 and 14U-18U play on Sunday 9/20/15.
  • State Tournaments are all day events.  10U and 12U play on Saturday 9/26/2015 and 14U-18U play on Sunday 9/27/2015.
  • $100.00 gate fee for STATE made payable to host site. 

Thank you,

Directions to fill in FALL Rosters

This process will be used for Fall Ball ONLY.

Adding your roster: 

Although this isn't your "official Roster" for Summer tournaments, this is how you enter game stats for your players. You have to enter players names to be able to enter stats.

For FALL Ball 2015 we will be using this format as your roster.

a. Click > "Roster" on grey menu bar.
b. Click > Add Player
c. Select Option to enter players information that works best for you.  Do "by scratch" is probably the easiest.  
d. Enter your players information  (If you prefer you DO NOT have to enter last name or e-mail address etc.)
e. Click on "save player"
f.  **For fall ball just print off roster and bring to the STATE Tournament.


Are you an NGIN user?

Existing NGIN users Please do NOT create a new account

If you don't have an account yet please follow one of these directions:

  • If you coached last year at any level in Fall Ball on the MMFL Site and had an NGIN account you are all ready set up. You do NOT need a new account for each team. 
  • OR If you are a new coach/user you need to create an account. In the upper left corner you will see a tab "create and account" Click on it and follow the directions by entering your information. **You will need to go through activation email that is sent to you after initiating account.**
  • OR if you have an existing NGIN account through any other sport including other fastpitch leagues (i.e. Tri County, Suburban, CMFL, UMFL etc) a welcome box will appear in the upper left corner and say "welcome ________" "link your existing NGIN account to MMFL? Click on Become a Member" It's that simple.
  • If your NGIN accounts aren't working. Some of you missed a step. **You will need to go through the activation email that is sent to you after initiating account.** This is to protect you from unauthorized spammers.

1) Email ALL editing access request for 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U to Tom at 

Make sure to include in your e-mail:  (This is important with over 520  teams participating)

Team Name
Age level coaching
Region playing


MMFL Fall Ball Contacts

Bill Pearson

General Fall Ball Questions including field usage

Phone: 612-701-7608

Dan Pfeffer

Registrations and Eligibility

Phone: 952-250-3393

Tom Bye

Questions Regarding requests for NGIN access to ALL team pages and Scheduling

Fall Ball Information

We will again be doing on-line registrations for your teams this Fall.  You must have an NGIN account to register your team (see directions at bottom of page). Directors, if you do not have coaches assigned yet that’s fine.  You can register the teams initially with out a coach and assign them later.

Schedules will be determined first by ability of the teams, then by location.  When evaluating your team try to be as accurate as possible (not all teams in your associations are a 1 and not all are a 10) After the first week of play, results will be posted through the MMFL Fall page, on the team pages (that coaches are responsible for updating) and teams will advance to the second week site by record, 2-0 will advance to site A, 1-1 to site B, and 0-2 to site C, etc., for each week.  After Week 3 the MMFL will post your next scheduled location for week 4 which is basically the qualifier by age group and record that helps us determine State Tiers.  Based on week 4 results each age group will then be placed in the State tournament they qualified for and be posted on-line.

Fall League provides an opportunity for your players to learn about the game and gain experience-playing fastpitch.  Because of fall weather conditions, all games are rain or shine decision to play is made at the fields by the 2 coaches and umpires in agreement, (please don't email or call) 1/2 hour delay if lightning is present, all games will be scheduled for 1 hour and 5 minutes- allowing for the last inning to be completed, and one inning of international tiebreaker if the game is tied.  Free substitution and round robin batting is mandatory.  5 runs per inning rule during 3-week league play for 10U, 12U with 10U keeping the rule the entire season.  

Each team plays two games each Sunday against different opponents.  Game times are either 12:00 and 1:30 or 3:00 and 4:30.  There may be occurrences your team is split between times if a location has an off number of teams or fields to use.

Home team is determined by a coin flip!

Fall Ball Registrations Here.  Deadline is August 3rd.

Player age eligibility is set by December 31, 2015 for Fall Ball.

Meeting Location

Hopkins VFW
100 Shady Oak Road
Hopkins, MN  55343

Hand outs at the meeting

Payments, Scorebooks, and Rules will be done in person.


Please bring a check to the League Kick Off Meeting

Checks are made payable to MMFL in the amount of $500.00

Or Mail Payment to:

877 Meander Court
Medina, MN 55340

Mail in registrations payment and team receipt must be received by August 3rd League Kick of Meeting.

**Please note:  This fall the 8U league will be hosted by Bloomington Fastpitch.  Please contact Bob Lindberg at for details and registrations.

Is your associtation looking to host again this year?  Click on this link and fill in the on line form.  Every weekend we use between 30 and 35 sites.  Thank you.